The Roddenberry Prize & Fellowship

design strategy

The Problem: Prior to working with my team, The Roddenberry Foundation  (the family foundation of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry) did not have a strong identity in the philanthropy space. The Roddenberry Prize was set to be the first offering with high visibility but before we could launch it, we would need to figure out how to leverage the fervor of star trek fans and link it to the possibility of social innovators.

The Design: As the Creative Lead helping to design and launch The Roddenberry Prize and The Roddenberry Fellowship, I first developed a campaign to find out what Star Trek fans saw as the promise of the Roddenberry legacy. From there, we developed and identity that would allow The Roddenberry Foundation to continue launching successful initiatives.

Sample Work: I oversaw creative direction across the projects including the creation of an online impact report and direction of numerous short videos including a Behind the Design video reflecting on the first year of the prize:

Director & Editor: Wil Kristin
Photography: Joyce Tsang

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