Searching for Sustainable Seafood

design strategy

The Problem: We only know so much about what happens underwater; but we can say with certainty that oceans need our help immediately. Along with a few other funders, the Walton Family Foundation has been investing in collaborations among various players in seafood supply chains to work toward fishing more sustainably. That said, it’s hard to tell which of these collaborations, called Fishery Improvement Projects, are working and why.

The Design: To find out, we spoke with more than 50 fisherfolk, processors, NGOs and buyers who specialized in different fish species, across a range of geographies. As a result of our research, I created a health diagnostic that tracks the indicators present in collaborations that were most likely to meet their goals. In order for us to really understand the perspectives of everyone working on bringing seafood from the ocean to your plate, we put on our fishing boots and traveled to Mexico to take a closer look at two Fishery Improvement Projects with differing fishing practices.

Sample Work: Take a closer look at Fishery Improvement Projects with this short video I directed and edited to help orient my client to the FIP Health Diagnostic. Music by Calexico.

Director, Editor & Photography: Wil Kristin